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Kiss Trading Academy in partnership with Trade Like A Girl Academy offers a proprietary curriculum and global financial market training program designed to turn a student with zero knowledge of the financial markets into a disciplined global market trader and/or a savvy global market investor. Learn to trade a variety of assets including Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Metals, Indices, Stocks and more.
Our exclusive Accelerated Trading Program teaches you how to navigate and execute trades in the global financial markets using proven trading concepts and strategies. It also takes you through the process of creating your own trading strategy and plan that will set the foundation for trading success.

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“I can sum up my experience in two words: Life changing! I joined expecting to just learn about the forex market and the basics of trading, but what I got out of this experience was so much more! Not only do I feel I am an accomplished forex trader I have a brand new mindset about business, wealth building, discipline, teamwork and sisterhood just to name a few.... If you are serious about trading, if you are serious about linking with like minded women, if you are serious about building a legacy this is for you! This program forces you in a positive healthy way to step your game up!!!”

Cat Jessup

“When you see your memories from a year ago and it reminds you of how blessed you are to have a skill that you can use to help pay the bills, fund a vacation, grow your account so you can retire early.... so many possibilities.”

Janice Crisman Packard

“If you want to learn something that will change your life, If you want to step out of your comfort zone you are in the right place! It does't matter that you don't know any thing about the Forex market, you will! The way the course work is laid out, and teaching method of one of the founders Linda, is clear and concise. Plus, you will never feel like you are in this alone, you will have your classmates, your coaches and the Alumni of women traders that have paved the way before you. Ladies, step out on faith and invest in yourself - Come and join this amazing tribe of women traders .. Come learn how to Trade Like A Girl!”

Lisa Robinson Hawkins

“In all my years of paying for education (and I have a lot of it) I have never received the attention, dedication, or education that I have received from the Master instructor. It has been a complete blessing and so many will reap the benefits of my time spent. I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing opportunity that is changing lives at a rapid rate!! This is not just something else to put under my belt. This is a game changer and the opportunity of a lifetime!”

Kendra WIlliams

“Trade Like A Girl Academy has provided a well rounded education of Forex including market analysis, building your own strategy that is customized to your personality and trading style and trading mindset. I completed the entire course and went directly into Live trading. The live instruction from Linda is taught in a way that newbies to trading can understand and veterans of the markets love. Instructors and coaches have always remained approachable and are there for support. You will put in the work to learn but you will gain a lifetime skill that can give you financial freedom.”


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